sábado, 2 de outubro de 2010

Flotrack in Ethiopia | A seguir com atenção

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...e o Haile tem uns ténis novos para Maratona de Nova Iorque!

"(...) We rise with the sun and head up to the forrest where Haile does many of his runs. We climb about 500 meters from the majority of the city, putting us about 2 Miles above sea level. At the mouth of the trail there are about 2 dozen sub 2:10/2:30 men and women milling around, getting ready for their morning run. After a few minutes of some playing around, Haile and his group are off on a 90 minute run. He had won the Great North Run just 2 days prior, so he isn’t doing anything too intense. His sub-60 half-marathon run in Gateshead was a tune up for the NYC Marathon in November and shows he is in good form. After the run and some drills, Haile is presented with a surprise. One of my travel companions was Kohei Hagio from adidas’ headquarters in Germany. Kohei and his team had worked hard to create a version of the adizero adios in honor of Haile’s sterling career. The shoe uses the colors of Ethiopia, green, yellow, and red and has every world record he set, 27 in total, in his career on the shoe. Haile is ecstatic about and humbled by the adios - Haile. He instantly throws them on his feet and sprints down the trail in them. He is even more pumped about how the perform than about how sick they look and says he will race in them in New York.(...)" from Flotracks going to Africa


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